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Leaded and painted glass panels

The stained glass I make more or less follows the traditional techniques developed in the middle ages for church glass. The first stage is the design. You then buy the coloured glass ready-made and then cut it into shapes according to the design, leaving a space between the pieces where the lead goes.

Now comes the painting. The details of the design are painted onto the glass with a  with a special mix of metal oxides (a bit like a very low temperature firing glaze in ceramics) which is then fired onto the glass in a kiln at about 660 degrees centigrade. The design is built up through a number of layers of painting and firing to achieve effects like shading, textures and so on.

Finally the pieces of glass are assembled with lead and soldered together to give the final product. Grout is used to waterproof and fix the panel properly.

Glass mosaics

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 17.55.44

leaf glass mosaic

When you cut glass there are always small pieces left over. These can be used to create mosaics. By using small pieces of glass you get a much wider variation of colour in a small panel which is useful for small panels.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 23.07.51town in glass pink

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